How the World’s Richest People Made Their Fortunes

Ever wonder how they did it? What is the secret ingredient that the wealthiest self-made billionaires use to become explosively wealthy? These 10 individuals have made remarkable achievements. How many traits do you have in common with them?

Bill Gates
– He simply created something that nearly everyone on the planet could use. Something unique that immediately changed the world. Personal computing via Microsoft. This has resulted in him becoming the wealthiest person in the world.

Warren Buffet – This man understands better than anyone else what makes money grow. His natural genius brilliantly puts his cash in places that generate monstrous returns. Which isn’t surprising considering he read every book that there ever was on the stock market and investing by the time he was 12. And still now he continues that habit devouring 5 daily newspapers, magazines, non-fictions, annual reports, and biographies each day. The book that influenced him the most? The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

Steve Jobs – Rest in peace, Steve, may your legacy live on forever. You probably know him. Apple. He simply understood “this life and everything in it was created by people that are no smarter than anyone else”. His creation became the world’s most preferred brand of personal technology and still continues to dominate the market.

Jack Ma – Founder of Richest man in China w/ just under $30 Billion. He kept his dream alive. His goal was to work in order to help others. His alibaba website is being used by 800 million people. Which is almost 1/6 of the world’s population. Looks like he’s helping others.

Donald Trump – I don’t care whom you are politically affiliated with. Donald Trump, current President of the United States of America, is a very successful man. He does the things he really enjoys doing, gets into the details, keeps his eye on the ball and doesn’t give up. Trump kept his eye on the ball while mastering Real Estate, Investments, and Publicity. Ultimately securing him the seat in the oval office. He sees himself as victorious and thinks like a winner. May he do his job as POTUS and make America Great.

Mark Zuckerberg – How many friends do you have? Haha, this fucking guy created the network that made your social life “official”. He turned a basic human behavior into a usable platform that has generated him billions while changing the way people communicate forever.

Jeff Bezos – Bought anything an amazon lately? You can thank Jeff for that convenience. He is the second richest person in the entire world. Jeff projected himself in his mind into the future and asked the question “at this specific age, what do I want to make sure that if I have tried and failed, would I regret it? and also know that if I haven’t tried and let it go, would I regret that more?”. Good thing he tried… Jeff is the host of the party for all his guests. At least that’s how he thinks about his customers, they are simply guests at his party and boy they are having a good time.

Elon Musk – Tesla, Space X, PayPal mind you? Elon’s responsible for it. He’s the closest thing we have to real life Iron Man. He likes what he does and he does what he likes better than anyone else. The man has turned every day interests and hobbies into his real life adventure. Go Elon, bring us to Mars. This dude doesn’t advertise, he puts his money into R&D to make his creations the best. Argue and tell me they haven’t been. Work super hard every waking hour and be like Elon.

Richard Branson – Involved in just over 400 companies, the guy is worth close to 5 billion dollars as a result of his endeavors. Virgin just decides to financially back businesses in each of the world’s most widespread industries. Not a bad business model. He’s a great leader and treats people fairly and well. Screw it, let’s do it! Virgin will continue to shake up industries as life goes on. Cheers, Richard!

Larry Page – Google him. No pun intended. As the founder of Google, Larry Page comes in at $43 billion in net worth. This man takes the phrase information is power to another level by giving billions of people immediate access to information at their fingertips. Want some extra cash? Be like Larry and give people something they need.
Why live a mediocre life? If you aspire to do something extraordinary it is your responsibility to make it happen. Dream big and take even bigger action. Don’t wait, your time is now.


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