Master Motivation with Momentum

When you wake up later than you had planned, go to work and come home to a take-out dinner, maybe a drink and an evening of sitting in front of your TV, you let another one slip away. You handed off the most critical piece of any endeavor, your time.

Here’s the challenge: Place a value on your own life. Set a dollar amount, give yourself a rating out of 5 stars, and imagine a future vision of your ideal environment. Attach real value to your own existence.

Now, with that in mind, make a commitment to the routine required in order to fulfill that value. Because letting time slip away is not going to cut it.

After day 30, see if you ever feel like hitting snooze, picking up Chinese on your commute back from work to cracking into an endless evening of fizzy beverages again. The magic of motivation comes with momentum. Each day conquered fulfills a piece of your destiny. Your own life isn’t a matter of good fortune. The right place happens at the right time when time is used to do the right things.

The freedom that comes along with each day of continued success is the greatest feeling one could ever ask for. Knowing that you’re on the right path creates boundless energy, increases your capacity for creativity, and eradicates any abysmal threat of stress and anxiety.

Kill complacency and master motivation now by making the right choice, choose to use this moment and every moment following to achieve the life you desire.

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