What is Time?

Time is the enemy, the opponent you face every single day.

Time is the friend, the one who stands by your side, as you grow stronger executing a well-planned routine.

Time is the scapegoat, when you’re behind schedule because of your own shortcomings.

Time is the lover, when you treat it with compassion.

Time is the victim, when you overlook its power.

Time is the master, when you fail to plan.

Time is the killer, when self-reflection fades and bad habits take over.

Time is the monster, coming to get you.

Time is the release, when you let yourself go.

Time is the game, when you understand the rules.

Time is the light, which shows you the way.

Time is the water, which quenches your thirst.

Time is the neighbor, as it knocks on your door.

Time is the mentor, lessons are learned.

Time is the family, always there for you.

Time is the fire, which ignites your potential.

Time is the kingdom, the infinite beginning and end.

Time is the now.

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