The Winner’s Formula

What would you do if you had the power to achieve any outcome you set out for? What would your life look like if you could turn ideas into reality with little to no effort? There is a magic formula for this. Once it becomes part of your nature, anything is possible.


Directed effort towards outcome. Humans have the same ability to focus on achieving tangible goals that animals have on finding food to survive. The mechanisms are no different; what separates man from beast is man’s ability to direct his energy towards outcomes that lie outside of the basic means of survival.

It’s important to note that the same level of intensity must be placed on that set outcome as the intensity of what is placed on the means of survival. The insatiable desire for it must be so strong that without it, you believe at the very core your existence would come to an end.

For example, you might have a bucket list… And on that bucket list there might be a few things written… One of which could be to write a book… Great, now ask yourself, “how intense is my focus on achieving this goal?” Sure, it might be something you intend on crossing off the list before you die, but by no means is it as strong as your need to fulfill physical hunger. You don’t have eatwritten on your bucket list, do you? It wouldn’t make sense because you know you will eat in order to survive.

The point that I’m trying to make is that the importance of whichever goal it is that you are trying to accomplish must be so strong that you do it to survive.


A vivid illustration in the mind.The creation of a reality that your present state will eventually move into is mapping out your own existence. The connection that must be established with vision is that you already are the person you wish to become. There is no change to the human form for which your spirit manifests. The difference is, you are not yet there mentally. If you don’t already seeyourself as the person achieving your vision, then you will face setbacks and obstacles that prevent forward progress.

Have a powerful vision. Close your eyes everyday and see the ideal you. You know what it is you want. Bring it into your life as much as possible; you will quickly see that your thoughts and feelings will compel you into action, which will bring about everything you set out for.

The power behind this lies in the mechanisms that were instilled in each one of us at birth. Survival. Our visions of the future call us to them, as a safe place, a beacon of hope, a sanctuary. Go there.


Having full conviction in something. The statement of your goal must be with utmost certainty. There is no room for a Plan B or what-if scenario. The outcome is possible only if you make it so. It starts with you. Results are born from within.

As you build on your momentum resistance may appear, don’t let this cloud your vision. Resistance is essential for progress. Facing it must be a sign that you’re on the right track.

The universe is a friendly place for those who understand its laws. These laws are as applicable to every creature that walks the earth as they are to you and me and every other thing in existence. Belief is a powerful word and one of the most crucial governing laws. It can be something that leads to demise and at the same time something that leads to abundance.

The balancing act that we face each day comes in the small decisions we make and how we react to external stimuli. The antelope that gets eaten by the lion is the one who runs with no destination of safety in mind, the one who is most terrified of its imminent death. The one who gets away knows it will find safety and eludes its predator, fueled by the power of belief and clarity of outcome.

Belief is the foundation for which all is built on.

Focus, Vision, and Belief

One cannot flourish without the other. If can see it in your mind, but not believe it in your heart you cannot focus and therefore you fail to execute. If you can focus, but cannot see it, how can you believe it will happen? If you can believe it and see it, any lack of focus will most certainly get you lost along the way.

Practice these essential components in everything you do. Do it so much that they become part of your nature. Whether you are cleaning your house, composing a masterpiece, or developing the next world-changing software – make focus, vision, and belief part of everything you do. Own your output, own your life.

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