A Winner’s Purpose

Your purpose is value creation. You were meant to contribute something great to society. May your life be an inspiration to others.

As you continue to make your way through life you are fixated on something more. Abundance and great contribution are the focal point of your attention. Life to you wasn’t intended just for living. It was intended for winning.

The experiences you desire were placed for you by fate as bait to drive you to producing. What you are able to produce is unique to any other. Not a single person on the planet is capable of identical output. Just as each person has his or her own fingerprint, you have your own special ability to contribute as an individual.

Walking the winner’s path takes belief. You must believe in yourself and the future you intend to create. Doing this will alleviate any obstacles that get in your way. It will be easy for you to maneuver around them as your focus lies on something beyond. Keep “set-backs” in your peripherals as you proceed with focus on the end result.

Think of all-star basketball players for example. They will tell you that their eyes are never focused directly on the ball or the defending players. Their eyes are focused on the net and on teammates that are in better position to score.

This is how you should see your goals. You know they are there waiting for you, so you can clearly focus on accomplishing them. Goals are as real as the net in the game of basketball. Anything that presents itself in the meantime is a distraction. Focus on the win.


  1. Set big goals
  2. Believe in yourself
  3. Focus on the win, keep everything else in your peripherals

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