10 Commandments for Insane Wealth

One step at a time, people. Nobody gets rich within a day or two of simply deciding they want to be rich. If it were that simple half the stuff you see today would not be here. Everything you see and everything you have access to is the product of another person’s genuine hard work. They have added value to your life simply by doing some hard work.

You get paid to add value. So you have to find a way to add value. Ask yourself this question every now and then “how can I help ___________?” (insert any word). When you do this a great world is brought into your life, a world of unlimited potential. The potential ability to add value is what creates wealth. Add value and multiply your returns exponentially.

Multiply Your Returns. When receiving currency for your contribution you have earned a great reward. Any person with their eyes on the prize is not so fast to let their rewards go quickly. Stay humble as they multiply and remain focused with your eyes on the prize.

Eyes on the Prize. You must remain focused. There is a great void between wealthy and wanting. Wanting is the process of acting on your desire too early. Wealthy is what you are when you can actually afford to live the lifestyle you crave.

Crave your lifestyle. Nothing great has ever been accomplished by action without some sort of self-motivation. You need to define yours. Is it something material? Are your interests worldly rather than spiritual? Whatever you crave. Crave it hard and go after it like your life depends on it.

Your life depends on it. It literally depends on it. If you cannot see this then I will explain. You only live one life in the human form. Based on our current ability to research and understand. You may take new form in some other life somewhere, but that all falls back on your beliefs and definition of life. For this purpose, when you are close to meeting your maker, you will automatically look back on your “life” and ask yourself “how did I live mine?”. The only way you can proudly answer that question is by taking each moment’s opportunity to act on your plan.

Take each moment. Act on your plan. Not every moment will allow you to act on your plan, but every moment will present an opportunity to evaluate action. Action defined is to put in effect. The effect is what happens after certain moves have been made. Thus, you are constantly in action. Your plan is always unfolding.

Your plan is always unfolding. Understand this and live accordingly. You don’t just end up somewhere; you arrive by movement or progress. YOU form what you end up with and accumulate steadily.

Accumulate steadily. Your habits and your goals should always be related and performed consistently. They should not change in variation or manner. And if they do not change in variation or manner and they are aligned with your goals then you will receive requiting. Which is the appropriate return for what you do.

Value the lives of others. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS value the lives of others. Regard highly or think much of the forms of life that surround you. Each and every form serves a unique purpose. An anticipated outcome that is intended or guides your action will lead to value. The lives of others shall always remain your top priority. The lives of others shall always remain at the highest established status in terms of importance among others.

Do all of these things and you will be marked by great fruitfulness. You will never be lacking in the intellectual productivity of a creative imagination.


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