Greatness, Right Now

Deciding to pursue a life of greatness is a wholehearted commitment. Anything less than 100% will leave you frustrated and envious of those who are already achieving it. Going for the gold? Keep these three things on your mind to make your wildest dreams come true.

Define Your Daily Habits. Make Them Real.

You must create daily habits that generate positive returns. It is imperative that the activities you engage in serve a purpose. By taking actions that align with your goals on a consistent basis you are creating an inevitable future of above the average. Ordinary lives are the result of inactivity and behaviors that do not produce. Ask yourself frequently each day “what do I intend the outcome of this current activity to be?” or “for what purpose does this activity serve?”

 Be Precisely Aware of Your Greatness

Construct your own crystal clear idea of greatness. One person’s idea of a great life compared to another’s could be polar opposite. Human beings are unique individuals with differing backstories, experiences, and motivations all leading to desires un-identical to any other. Be sure of the life you want to live, take action and you will be guided there.

Reflect on Your Current State of Being

Make “great” your current mental state. It is very important to remain focused with intensity considerably above the average on your self-perception. Your present day actions unfold into the greatness in which you pursue. Therefore, you already are the person who will achieve your wildest dreams. You are your idea of greatness and your self-perception will bring everything you could ever want into your life. Don’t wait for a transformation and the realization of massive rewards to be happy with your life, be satisfied in the now, for you have made the decision and you are the person you will always be. The gifts will come as time moves on.

You are living your idea of greatness right now. Believe in this without a doubt and you will gravitate towards your life’s greatest potential. The right actions combined with the undeniable confidence in future achievement will keep your life on the road of greatness.


  1. Live Daily Habits that Generate Return
  2. Construct Your Idea of Greatness
  3. Reflect on Your Current State of Being. Make Great Your Mental State.

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