The Meaning of Life

The world is moving. Time is passing. The sun is rising and the sun is setting. It all seems to happen so fast. People are being born at the same moment people are dying.

In this world of chaos we need to relax and simply breathe.

As the days go by you get older, is this nothing more than an indicator of impermanence? Life as a person does not go on forever, but there is no limit for how you live it and what you leave behind.

What you must decide is whether you are here only for self-indulgence and personal enjoyment or something beyond that, something in which you contribute to the world. A life of great contribution is the most rewarding.

Ask yourself this simple question each day, “Why am I here?”. Meditate on it. Sit, think and breathe on it. Reflect on it. This is your purpose.

As you contemplate, more and more meaning begins to flow into your life. You soon learn that everything is on the right track. You feel good. A sense of fulfillment fills your veins.

You are truly happy.

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