Survival in 2017

It’s the year two thousand and seventeen. What does it take to survive? A person’s basic equipment includes a brain, a beating heart, and limbs for making contact with the physical world. These basic necessities are not any different than that of man 65 million years ago. But today is different, 75% of the global population has a mobile phone. And 51% has access to the Internet.

When man first walked the earth, survival was at its most basic level and required maximum mental focus on foraging for food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, this is still the case for the 844 million people who do not have access to clean water. In other words, 1 in 10 people are still out there foraging.

For the other 9? Survival takes the ability to put knowledge into action.

Having access to information has enabled the birth of an $810 Billion company out of a garage. And it started even 7 years before the Internet was born. Our capabilities now are exponentially greater simply due to the fact that information has become integrated so thoroughly in the modern world.

The world is an organism; the Internet is the nervous system and pieces of information are the neurons. After a human absorbs information it is stored, forgotten, or put into action depending on what that person values at the very core.

There are many paths a person can take for ordinary survival. But for true survival and forward progress on a global scale, the alignment of values and a clearly defined mission is required.

Have you ever wondered why the world’s most successful people have experienced such blessings of wealth? Nothing makes them any different than you. At the very core, just like our friends 65 million years ago they have a brain and beating heart. The differentiator is what they see as important. When they care so much about something it becomes their purpose to act on it, and nothing can get in the way. This generally evolves from the identification of a problem. So, anyone you see who has justly earned the benefit of wealth and fortune is a problem-solver on a grand scale.

At the beginning the problem forms as a simple idea, a spark to ignite the flame that leads to a blazing fire of action. Soon the problem consumes every part of the mind of the beholder. At this point, purpose is realized.

Survival in twenty seventeen doesn’t take a lot, it just takes a purpose.

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