Product of Your Environment, Mind You?

You might look around at your life and come to the conclusion that everything you can take in with your senses is a result of sheer luck and chance happening. Maybe your situation is not as you had imagined. Maybe you’re captivated by how great life really is and you desire it only get better.

Regardless of how pleased you are with your current circumstances, it is in your best interest to understand that this is all here as a result of a simple formula that has been wired deep within the realms of your mind. Wiring that has been delicately compiled by your sub-conscious not different than the workings of the hands of a seasoned electrician focused on his projects.

Your environment certainly does play a great role along the way. But do not get carried away with what you attribute to it. For there is much more at play than meets the eye.

As your mind absorbs stimuli from all the senses, including: sight, sound, smell, feel, emotion, memory, fear and aspiration; your life begins to form in front of you. Time passes, more intricate combinations of wiring take place and you soon land right where you are. Just as you have done up to this point. And as you will continue to do until the day you die.

And then… Your life has been lived. The rest is yet to come.


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