How Having a Vision Gave My Friend Everything

When you ask yourself “what am I doing here?” your mind begins to wander over an array of could be answers.

However, life just isn’t that easy. The game of life is made into a series of decisions, each involving their own consequences. The way you see the world and the role you play is your vision. The manner in which you act on that vision each and every day determines all that you become.

An old friend of mine once had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He enjoyed smoking marijuana, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, getting into fistfights and engaging in sexual activities with female friends. This guy had zero commitment to any long-term goals, in other words he had no direction. The only vision he really had was that of a loose cannon ready to fire at anything that crossed his path.

But beneath the visible surface that defined who he was to everyone around him there was something else going on, he was aggressively engaged in finding his purpose. Whether it was reading, writing, watching YouTube videos, meditating, going to the gym, playing a musical instrument or trying out a new sport or activity my friend was always doing something.

And that something changed frequently! It seemed like he was involved in a new activity each and every day. It got a little exhausting to be around him. Talk about a severe case of ADD.

It wasn’t until one afternoon sitting at a coffee shop he explained what exactly he was going to do with his life. He “was going to become a financial guru”. Where is he almost ten years later? Works for one of the leading financial institutions in the United States, drives a brand new fully loaded Tesla Model S, lives in one of the most desirable flats in New York City, has a beautiful fiancé and owns about 6 million dollars worth of real estate.

From that college afternoon in a coffee shop, the vision that he so casually explained to me became a burning desire. His ultimate reality, the one thing that everything in his life revolved around.

With vision, you have the gift of a guide, wiser than time itself. And the good news is, your guide is always there waiting for you. It’s up to you constantly try new things and engage in new activities to find what excites you most and inspires your greatest self.

When you feel like you have maximum energy and you’re almost in a state of euphoria while engaged in a specific activity, imagine yourself as the greatest ever in that field. Do you feel unshakeable? Can you easily overcome any obstacle life throws at you?

When your answer is yes, never let go. Give it everything you’ve got. It’s what you were born for.



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