Success is in Your DNA

Your genetic code is a pre-programmed make up of who exactly you are and what you become. While it’s inevitable that your character is shaped along the way by external stimuli and perceptions of life events, your core is written in your DNA.

Legitimate question… Why in the hell do you spend your time seeking out wisdom, helpful tips, and motivations to guide you to success? Why do you think about it so damn much? What drives you???

It’s in your genetic code!!! You are wired for greatness. Each person has the ability to make unique life changing contributions here on earth and beyond. While we were all born with this capability, the majority of us die without ever expressing it. So it is passed on to our future generations through our genes. There is so much untapped potential waiting to be nourished.

How can one awaken this potential and express their ability to contribute what has been trapped, patiently waiting to be let out? By choosing to do so.

Understand that your desire for success is as uniquely a part of you as your fingerprints, or the way you laugh. And it is your responsibility to let it out.

Your hunger for achievement is what makes you uniquely you. The fact that it is on your mind enough to seek out empowering pieces of knowledge is a brief reminder in time that you are on the right track.

WAKE UP!!! Now it’s time to act.

Live without wondering why you have such strong desires and accept them as part of who you are. Be present. Choose greatness, it awaits for you in each moment.

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