How to Increase Energy Levels

Caffeine? No. Cocaine? No. Sugar? No. Tobacco? No.

It’s a huge misconception to think we need external stimuli for increased energy.

What gives you bursting levels of lasting energy is an increased thirst for life. It is required that you wake up. Every day, opportunities for enthusiasm and passion go by that you fail to even recognize. It’s in these moments that radiate the highest highs and fuel your future.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed every step of the way. This takes a great degree of discipline to achieve, however. You must have the ability to focus 100% of the time on the right things.

The mind is the most powerful resource we have. Yet, most of us have no idea how to harness its power.

As you wake up each morning, are you looking forward to the moments that are about to come? Or have you fallen victim to life’s circumstances and given up?

Increasing your energy requires that you increase your enthusiasm, your passion, and live with purpose.

How do you accomplish all of the above?

  1. Define Your Purpose (example: My purpose is to empower individuals to live a great life and contribute to the advancement of the human race)
  2. Keep It in Mind at ALL Times – let it repeat in your mind throughout each moment of the day, let no negative thoughts enter your mind

This can be difficult at first as most of the time you don’t even realize your mind is on autopilot. But with time it becomes autonomous. Embracing our natural ability to create habits is a huge advantage if used properly.

Go out and live. Be there, in each moment. Be noble with your time.


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