5 Steps to Massive Success

Have you ever felt inclined to do something that would potentially result in some area of improvement in your life? It might be starting a workout routine, or nutritious dieting. Maybe it’s quitting your day job and starting your own business.

Whatever your inclination, it all starts with you. You have to decide whether you are going to go get it or not. Letting time pass by without taking action is toxic to your dreams. Benjamin Franklin’s words describe it best “You may delay, but time will not”. Time never stops moving and you have a limited amount of it. So from the moment you decide to go for it, it is essential you start making moves. Immediately.

The Five REALISTIC Steps of Massive Success

  1. Visualization of Future Self
  2. Emotional Response to Visualization
  3. Self-Doubt & Resistance
  4. Road of Resilience
  5. Achievement

The chief consistency among the entire journey you are about to embark upon, whether you go for it or not is time. It never stops passing. In other words, you never stop spending it. If I gave you $1 million today under the condition that you lose $1 for every minute you aren’t pursuing your goals, you would have less than $475,000 at this time next year and lose the entire fortune in less than two years by living a life consistent with societal norms.

YOU are wired differently. By seeking out ways in which to achieve your goals you are accessing resources and acquiring knowledge that will help you hit your target. Be proud of yourself for taking this step while your friends are comfortably slipping away in another night of Netflix and Chill.

Now for the breakdown

  1. Visualization of Future Self

A great deal of power comes along with acting on the images of the ideal life you come up with in your mind. The mind is a very powerful thing. The more vivid a picture you come up with the more stimuli you rev up. This will help propel you to action. Find a quiet place, or put on some headphones, some good music. Play whatever you like (I prefer electronic or classical because the instrumental sounds don’t distract me from my visualizations) and let your mind wonder.

  1. Emotional Response to Visualization

Now that your mind believes this is the reality that you are going to soon be living, your emotions are overcome with joy. Happiness and bursts of energy jolt through your blood stream with neurons propelling you to take action. Use this feeling and begin doing what your heart is telling you to do.

  1. Self-Doubt & Resistance

Self-doubt and resistance have rightfully earned the title of “the killer of dreams”. There are more people giving up on chasing their goals because of these reasons alone than any other obstacle. This is why building your character and becoming mentally strong is so important. Self-doubt and resistance go hand in hand with one another, which makes them all the more easy to defeat. Believe in yourself and continue to persevere and the resistance will turn into momentum.

  1. Road of Resilience

This is one of the most exciting parts of the journey. The twists and turns you will face here are will transform you. Think of this road as the cocoon a caterpillar crawls into before it sprouts it’s wings.

Once you have conquered self-doubt and resistance the first time, you will be more prepared to face it when it shows up again and again, and again… The road of resilience is what is going to keep you going. When you find yourself on this road, keep going! Know that you are moving forward and your destination is approaching. Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going!”. When times get tough, truck through them. Yes, it’s that simple. Don’t waste the time you’ve already spent by giving up. What is the purpose of only achieving half the goal? OR only reaching the half way point to your destination? Who drives to the beach and decides the trip is too long half way through so they stop and spend their vacation in some hotel in the middle of nowhere? NO ONE, that would be insane.

  1. Achievement

Congratulations. You have made it further than 99% of the population. You are part of the 1% who has committed to achieving something great and saw it through to the end. Now your challenge is to keep moving forward. Take your game to the next level. Let yourself become obsessed with progress. Never. Stop. Growing.

What your life is all about

You are interested in this type of material because you are wired differently than most humans. You are uncommon, which is accompanied by a certain responsibility. You were never meant to coast through life, you bear a weight on your shoulders that the majority do not. Being driven for greatness isn’t for everybody. Only a few have what it takes to achieve incredible feats. NEVER underestimate yourself; you have the power to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Hurry now, society is waiting for your contribution.


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