The Key to a Fit, Disease Free Life

Want to be fit? Disease free? Healthy AF?? Then live like your cave people ancestors.

There is a huge fucking problem with society today. People don’t “move” enough. We have unfortunately gone sedentary. Think about the harmful effects of this lifestyle. What would happen if our ancestors were sedentary? They would be dead. We would not exist. Let’s take a moment to thank the cavemen for being way more active than any of us could ever be, thank you cave dwellers.

The basic things they were doing in order to survive are what kept them healthy. The basic things we are doing to survive, are basically fucking us.

We don’t need to get up off of our asses in order to get food. Nor do we need to get up to communicate with people across the world. We don’t really need to get up off of our asses in order to do anything.

We can eat, shop, find entertainment and work all from one place, the human ass.

Human beings have taken this lifestyle to a whole new level, especially in America – obesity is real, people. Every society has their epidemic and ours is the rise of the fat ass.

Okay, so maybe you aren’t overweight… Maybe you hit the gym 7 days a week. You could still be fucked. When you are not at the gym you are at home or doing something else for pleasure or work. A lot of it probably involves not moving around. Because by nature you don’t have to move around.

The rise in heart conditions, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease and a whole bunch of other shit just really peaked over the past couple hundred years.

Fucking a! So has the rise of mass production, chemically injected foods and sitting on our asses 24/7 for survival.

Be more like a cave man, live a better life.


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