Master Time, Master Life

Time is slowly passing. You can feel it smoothly brushing by at the same pace in which you are reading the words on this page. The power in which you have over your life is insurmountable with the proper usage of time.

The fact that the world is turning and making revolutions around the sun is something that you cannot change. Thus, you cannot stop time, slow it down, or speed it up.

Realizing this helps you to understand that on each inhale and every exhale your time a human being is coming closer to an end. Understanding this is paramount to massive contribution and ultimately your success as an individual.

There is only one thing that can be done with time. Expend.

The ways in which the expending of time happens are your in the moment choices. Choices which will accumulate over time, solidify themselves by become habits, and form into a massive outcome called your life. Everything that happens to you from health, to wealth and also wisdom are results of these choices.

Time grips onto them as it passes by in its own existence never to be encountered again. Your choices are things which cannot be changed as they have already happened, they belong to time now. Choices can only be reflected on and altered as the future approaches.

Discipline is paramount to the proper investment of time. Any great life cannot afford the misuse of such a delicate resource. Regardless of your spiritual belief, you are only guaranteed one finite existence as a human being.

What are you doing with yours?


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