What happens when you sit and breath…

What happens when you sit and breath?

If it is the only thing you are doing, then sitting and breathing can be one of the most beneficial activities you can do for yourself as well as those around you. In today’s society it is normal to constantly engage in things that are solely meant to grab your attention. The art of inner calamity is almost obsolete.

I am not talking about the inner calamity you get when you’re doing something mundane. I am talking about the conscious effort to bring about your inner peace. This can only be done through deep meditation aka “sitting and breathing”. When you do this daily, certain chemical reactions happen in your body that create short and long-term results.

Various thoughts will come and you will begin to understand whom you truly are and where your desires are coming from. This is the way to opening your heart and doing what you have been placed on this earth to do. When you feel a deep drive to do something and achieve a high level of pleasure engaging in it, you are getting closer to your passion.

Once your thoughts float away you begin to peel back the layers of your soul you become more in-tune with the real you.


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