Progress as Motivation

Do you feel like running through walls? Then you better pick up enough speed to shatter both layers of the half-inch drywall. Once you make it through, keep going because the rest will become much easier. The trick is to keep thrusting, head down and shoulder forward without slowing down; one after another you’ll plow through. The same thing happens when you reach benchmarks in your journey of progress.

Deep motivation happens after seeing the result of hard work. After you have invested countless hours into mastering something, you expect to see a return. Without it, what would be the point? There is a very simple and clear, yet hidden message in the wiring of the human brain when it comes to advancements. External motivators (YouTube videos, quotes, this article, etc.) are good, but the greatest motivator you can reward yourself with is progress.

This is why it is imperative you keep track of your daily progress and efforts. Setting goals and keeping an activity log are an essential part of progress. Reflect daily on your advancements to observe incremental gains over time. When you log an improvement your conscious brain is sending reinforcement and encouragement to your subconscious mind. This creates a reciprocal effect and your subconscious will then begin to regularly tell your conscious to take action, hence motivation.

With daily reflection, progress will become a natural part of who you are in as little as 30 days. Your system will be hard-wired for advancement and you will soon transition from taking small steps to making giant leaps.


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