Staying Committed to Nutritious Eating Habits

Why is it so hard to stay committed to nutritious eating habits? The simple fact that it will make us look and feel better should be enough, right? There is so much more that goes into our bodies’ urges than we realize. We cannot simply do something because we know it is healthy, we must have reasons beyond that; life changing reasons.

Have you ever eaten so much of something that even the thought of it makes you sick? Or maybe you had too much to drink of a certain type of alcohol that it made you very sick at one point in your life and now you refuse even go near it. This happens when we push our bodies beyond our limits and they resort to the basic instincts of survival.

At this day and age, survival as WE know it is being on top, thriving as number one, being the person everyone admires; the fearless leader. With that type of survival comes responsibility. Our brains need to be rewired so that they disregard the foods and drinks that have a negative impact on our overall well-being. We need to seek out those foods that give us energy and add to our gladiator like physiques. The challenge is staying committed to it once you have begun, these steps will help the outcome greatly.


1. Visualize your ideal physique daily

Visualization is such a powerful tool that often times goes overlooked. It is the resource our minds use to craft end results. The problem is that most of us only use this tool while something is happening simultaneously, and by that time it is already too late. First thing in the morning visualizing our ideal physiques and feeling of energy we strive for will set us off on the right track and keep our bodies’ urges to nutrition rather than to the opposite.

2. Keep a tally and set a goal of 60 days

It is very important to track your progress in any nutritional program. That way, you will get to see the results unfold as you go through it! Why go through the pain of not giving in to your favorite, or ex-favorite, foods now without being shown how much better the life change is making you look and feel? Research has shown that close to or around 60 days is enough to create a habit. Eating only nutritional foods and drinking nutritional drinks for this time period will be enough to rid your subconscious mind of any unhealthy cravings it has forever longed for.

3. When selecting your meal, select it based on how you intend to feel 30 minutes after eating it rather than during your feast

It seems that the most difficult part of maintaining a nutritional routine is actually making the selection of what we would like to eat, when we are hungry; and again I stress when we are hungry. Our bodies do not think about how we are going to look or feel when hungry, they go back to the survival instinct. The simple solution for that is the fatty, carb-loaded food in order to keep going. That is all it knows. Instead, if we use the power of our minds to think about how we are going to feel within a half hour of devouring our meals then we will choose something lean and high in protein rather than the latter. Eat clean and lean and you will feel great.

Bottom Line

Eating cleaner and living a lifestyle of more nutrition will have a ripple affect in all areas of your life. Your hair and skin will look better, you will begin approaching the body type you set out for when you made the commitment to the lifestyle change and your energy levels will sky rocket. From all of this, people will begin to admire and respect you more, you will start to become a role-model to those less dedicated and taken more seriously by everyone at the same time. The best part is that you will become an inspiration to others around and subconsciously you will be paying it forward to everyone who sees how fit the average person can become.


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