Time & Progress

Reality is the passing movement of time; we can’t argue that since the beginning of our existence there has been no way to physically alter time. We have to completely submit to its will and let it take its course. Accepting that we have no control over this is the first step towards using it to our advantage. Otherwise, we will begin to create a false illusion that our time will always be replenished. Each day we age by 1,440 minutes and our lives slowly begin to reflect how we distribute them.

Knowing that the average global lifespan for a human being is 71 years1, we should have about 37,317,600 minutes to work with. According to the saying “Time is money”, those of us who are fortunate to have healthy disease free bodies are all born millionaires. However, not all of us are born great investors and we let mindless distractions drain us of our time bank account.

To start, here are 3 simple things we can do that have the power to carry us forward and use time as an investment rather than throwing it away carelessly:

1.     Read

2.     Workout

3.     Meditate

Focusing on activities that generate the highest amount of return is a simple and rewarding process. The hardest part about maintaining this perception is that most of us see these activities as “work” or “no fun”, and as creatures of habit we are programmed to want to take part in the “easy” and “enjoyable” activities rather than the former.

Why do we see things this way? Enter this thing called procrastination.  Procrastination2 is defined as the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. My favorite part of the definition is requiring immediate attention. The things that are most important and require the most attention are the ones that fall victim to procrastination! Knowing this habit is detrimental; we should agree it’s something that should be eliminated.

Most of us want to change for the better, but most will say that will happen “tomorrow” rather than “today”. Just know that each time this happens we are giving away 1,440 minutes that can never be recovered.


1. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (3 May 2011). “United Nations World Population Prospects: 2015 revision” (PDF). UN.

2. procrastination. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved January 19, 2016 from Dictionary.com website http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/procrastination


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